Micro-enterprise: Shared Lives Plus and Community Catalysts

Shared Lives Plus believes in family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults to live independently and to contribute to their families and communities.

We previously support micro-enterprise providers of care and support services through specialised membership services, awareness raising and campaigning on behalf of micro-enterprises.

In 2011 Shared Lives Plus established a social enterprise, Community Catalysts, which is bringing their values and messages to new audiences. Many micro-enterprises operate “below the radar” of councils and the NHS and they can face barriers in regulation or commissioning practices. Around 40 councils, health trusts and large providers have worked with our sister organisation, Community Catalysts to create the conditions in which micro entrepreneurs can survive and flourish.  Around 90% of micro-enterprises fail, but with Community Catalysts’ support, only 17% fail over three years.  

Small Good Stuff

If you run or plan to run a small independent social care enterprise you may be interested in joining the Small Good Stuff network. Here you will become part of a respected network of support and information. It works to ensure micro-enterprises and the people who run them are not alone. Run by our sister organisation Community Catalysts why not visit the Small Good Stuff website to find out more about its services and how to join.

Shared Lives Plus maintains a strong role in promoting the work of micro-enterprises and working closely with Community Catalysts to bring the voice of micro-entperise providers to the crucial national and local decision makers.

 Small Good Stuff