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SharedLivesPlus is the UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults. Our members are Shared Lives carers and schemes and Homeshare programmes.

There are 12,000 Shared Lives carers in the UK. They share their family and community life with someone who needs some support to live independently. Shared Lives carers support disabled adults, older people with dementia, people with mental health problems, care leavers, disabled children in transition to adulthood, parents who have learning disabilities.  Homeshare involves matching someone who needs some companionship or a little help to carry on living in their own home, with someone who is willing to give a little help and needs accommodation. There are 11 Homeshare schemes in the UK.  

Shared Lives Plus recently received funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Nesta to to support our ambition of doubling the size of Shared Lives in the next five years, as we seek to build upon the amazing work and commitment delivered every day by Shared Lives carers and Shared Lives workers across the UK.

Shared Lives used to be known as Adult Placement.  We used to be called NAAPS UK and changed our name following the UK Conference in 2011

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